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Ride Groups

'A' Rides are for Avid Cyclists/Racers = Fast paced, competitive, long distance rides
- A riders typically ride 150+ miles per week
- A riders can ride 40+ miles at approximately 20 mph on varied terrain

'B' Rides are for Cycling Enthusiast = Moderately paced, fitness based, long distance rides
- B riders typically ride 100+ miles per week
- B riders are comfortable riding flat, rolling, and hilly terrain
- B riders can ride 30+ miles at approximately 17 mph on varied terrain

'C' Rides are for Fitness Cyclists = Fitness based rides of varied distance and slower paces
- C riders typically ride 60+ miles per week or are building on mileage goals
- C riders can ride 20+ miles at approximately 14 mph on varied terrain

'D' Rides are for Recreational/Social/Beginner Cyclists = Social/Fun/Learning rides
- D riders are beginner or social riders looking to learn or just have fun
- D rides are "no drop" and all ride leaders will ensure that all stay on course

Remember, most of the terrain in Harford County is rolling to very hilly so the level of difficulty can vary exponentially. Review your cue sheet for insights on the ride's profile, that way you can choose the best ride for your ability level.


04.22.2014: Apparel Update!! Contact Bob Buchanan to schedule pick up of your jerseys/tops.  Send a message to the email below if you do not have contact information for Bob.  Our apologies for the delay in distributing this year's jersey order.

Contact Us at harfordvelo@hotmail.com

Harford County, Maryland

HVCC is the oldest cycling club in Harford County, MD. Our mission is to promote active participation in all forms of cycling, to encourage the safe use of bicycles for recreation and transportation, and to promote educational and social functions for the benefit of club members and others.

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